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RHOP - the gayest emo band ever

you took my heart and put it in a blender with acid

feel free to cry along
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This is for the members and followers of possibly the best rockabilly emo band this century, RHOP. The band originated at La Mesita Park in San Diego, California, with a group of friends in the gay emo crew, Los Llueronos (the cryers). Well, chances are that if you are even at this page you know one or all of the members of RHOP (Auntie Nicholas, Amanda, Minna, and Michelle), their opening acrobatic/acoustic guitar player (Scott), or their devoted photographer/groupie (Nikki), so you probably know the history behind the band. And if you dont know any of those mentioned above, you should get to know them becuase they are the coolest people ever. I mean, it may sound conceited, but its true and i dont wanna lie.
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